Happy Redoubt is the last outpost of a post-apocalyptic world in the wake of a technological meltdown. Audiences who visited the interactive encampment and events created and traded artefacts, gaining skills for a new world and help shape a new future.

For Happy Redoubt, Juneau Projects took over the Inigo Rooms of King's Cultural Institute, in collaboration with both students and academics, to create a post-apocalyptic market place. During a six week artist’s residency in the exhibition space, the immersive installation grew and develop as the artists invited visitors to trade information and skills in exchange for special currency, which could be gambled or spent on goods from the market.

Juneau Projects invited members of the academic community to present their specialist subject from the point of view of a post-technological melt-down. The market place offered space for the exchange of ideas, new approaches to learning and an experimental ground for the framing of research.

Academic professors were invited to participate and contribute their skills to the market place. Students were recruited to explore and form their own characters, taking on roles as ‘survivor invigilators’, maintaining the space as well as shaping the narrative of the installation.

Welcome to Happy Redoubt was commissioned in partnership with King's Cultural Institute.