Up Projects,

This is Public Space, web commissions.

This is Public Space is a series of web commissions curated by UP Projects. The commissions are part of our wider programme which prioritises working with and supporting artists to make new work alongside interrogating what public art means in the 21st Century and questions around public space and authenticity in the digital age. 

This is Public Space is a key part of UP Projects’ programme which uses London as a starting point to explore what it means to be a global city, how it relates to the rest of the world and how to live and work within, as well as outside of, a place that throws up both opportunities and challenges for its citizens. One of the key inspirations for the programme is the 1973 publication Alternative London, written by activist Nicholas Saunders as a counter culture guide to alternative living. Like our programme the publication explores issues such as - Housing, Homemaking, Money, Self-Development, Drugs, Sex, Community Development, Liberation and Getting Around.

View the commissions below:


Ruth Beale
Commons, drones, gifs

19th March - 19th May 2017

Laura Eldret

7th February - 19th March 2017

Laura Eldret

7th February - 19th March 2017

John Walter
Dream Season

19th November 2016 - 2nd February 2017

Constant Dullaart
Phantom Love

11th October – 11th December 2017

Hannah Black

22 September - 19 November 2016

Lawrence Lek

19th July - 19th September 2016

Juneau Projects
Return to Happy Redoubt

19th May - 19th July 2016