Following the success ofStreetlight,M-O-T-H developed Plinth; a live audio visual trail that explored the architecture of the De La Warr Pavilion.

Multi-media artists M-O-T-H explored the architecture of the De La Warr Pavilion through live, High-Definition projected visuals and music as part of the South East Festival of Architecture 2009. Plinth led visitors with wireless headsets, around the exterior and interior of the Pavilion, with projected animations inspired by the building's modernist architecture, and sounds captured in situ using contact microphones and samplers by musician VC Kristi.  The performance explored a myth related to the original designs for the building, based around a sculpture of the Greek goddess Persephone that was originally commissioned for the south terrace but never installed.

A workshop took place on the same day, in which local young people learned the secrets of M-O-T-H's unique production and performance technique and had the opportunity to be creatively involved in producing the series of animated stories that were projected during Plinth.

Plinth was commissioned in collaboration with De la Warr Pavilion and supported by Arts Council South East, Archos and Yuasa.