“Fun to watch the first ever UK/Brazil telenovela being made and live-streamed tonight… an Olympian feat of bi-lingual, inter-national, multi-city, sci-fi collaboration!” - Audience Feedback

2 Olympic cities. 2 time zones. 2 halves of one screen.

On Saturday 30th July we saw UP Projects’ homepage become the place for audiences to step into the first English - Brazilian soap opera. Actors and audiences were brought together through superimposed performances in a fictional online landscape to discover Contracorrente ∞ Upstream. The performance led the way for a 'self build' style of interactive performances; to be watched anywhere with an internet connection.

Shot over one day and connecting live performances in the UK and Brazil, the two halves of the screen were streamed simultaneously from action in Casa 24 (Rio de Janeiro) and The Floating Cinema (London). The project was a proof of concept that created global performance on an intimate scale, focusing on communities based on shared interest, not location.

Contracorrente ∞ Upstream was inspired by Herbert Read’s novel, The Green Child (1935) by artist Leah Lovett in collaboration with Argentinian practitioner Maria Lombardini and curated by UP Projects in partnership with Foundation for FutureLondon 

Contracorrente ∞ Upstream was set against the backdrop of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as a stage for nation-building and in the context of Brazil and the UK's current social mood. 

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July 2013 - August 2017