Year seven pupils from St Paul’s Way Trust School worked with arts and science collective Guerilla Science over the course of six weeks to explore how sustainable energy can be produced plantting the seeds for new crops, harvesting crops and producing oil to be transformed into eco-friendly bio fuel. 

Inspired by the Floating Cinema’s own hybrid engine which runs on biodiesel produced from excess food oils and chip fats, the group looked at different methods of creating energy and investigated the fuel needs of the human body in order to stay active and healthy. Workshop sessions were led by guest artists and scientists and participants created lemon-batteries and grew algae blooms to create new and reusable energy.

Working alongside the group, Chocolate films created a short documentary following the research and findings of the energy experiments as well as leading animation sessions to explore how the movement of plant growth and energy production.

Biofuel Pioneers was commissioned for The Floating Cinema 2014 and supported by Foundation for Future London and City Bridge Trust.

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