Look on me and be renewed, by Mark King, Dr John Marsden and Changing 7, is in HOOKED at Science Gallery London. During the exhibition, new digital manifestations of the project will be created by Mark King via Instagram. 

Klassnik Corporation
The Fish Hotel

September 2014 - March 2020

The Fish Hotel, a playful installation made in a collaboration with The Klassnik Corporation and Thames 21, established a new habitat for the fish of Cornmill Gardens. This permanent commission nurtures wildlife in a section of the river previously inhospitable. 

Henry Krokatsis
Turning Tree

May 2015 - March 2020

Turning Tree is a permanent sculpture for Ladywell Fields, Lewisham. Henry Krokatsis took a section of a fallen Black Poplar and immortalised it in cast polished aluminium. Hovering above the surface of the River Ravensbourne, it rotates with the current. 

Yinka Shonibare
Globe Head Ballerina

January 2012 – October 2017

UP Projects developed and delivered a public commission on behalf of the Royal Opera House, by artist Yinka Shonibare, MBE who created a sculpture for the façade of the building. 

The final Companion walk focused on six sites, travelling from Cyberia the UK’s first internet café (originally intended as a women’s only space), past the Fitzrovia Mural and Procter Memorial, ...

Today's urban middle-classes are in the late stages of cognitive dissonance, engaged in what the writer Tom Wolfe called ‘double tracking’: enjoying the cultural benefits of leaning left and the ...

Our gay communes and collectives must not be mere convenient living arrangements or worse, just extensions of the gay ghetto. They must be a focus of consciousness-raising life, raising or ...

Ruth Beale
Commons, drones, gifs

19th March - 19th May 2017

Ruth Beale presents a layering of sound and video, offering a new perspective on London's common land. 

Alternative Curriculum sees artist collective They Are Here question the routines of the school environment. Working with St Paul’s Way Trust School, they explore what a curriculum is, how it operates and the agency of the student in ...

Laura Eldret

7th February - 19th March 2017

ONLINE is a new browser-based artwork by Laura Eldret. View the work here

John Walter
Dream Season

19th November 2016 - 2nd February 2017

'Two characters – The Follower and The Followed – explore Russia Dock Woodland one night through to sunrise.'

Hannah Black

22 September - 19 November 2016

Participant: Who am I? What if I am not really a person?
Therapist: That’s an understandable concern
-MAPS protocol on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy It’s astounding the first time you realize that ...

Lawrence Lek

19th July - 19th September 2016

[mobile] Watch Overseas 海外 [Delirious New Wick 360 Video Edition]    Amid the uncertainty of post-Brexit London, an immigrant drone seeks refuge inside the ruins of the 2012 Olympic Park. The drone drifts ...

The Floating Cinema
Another Country

August - September 2016

UP Projects collaborated with author Hari Kunzru to present the 2016 Floating Cinema season Another Country. The programme explored ideas around nation, identity which had been brought into sharp focus ...

“Fun to watch the first ever UK/Brazil telenovela being made and live-streamed tonight… an Olympian feat of bi-lingual, inter-national, multi-city, sci-fi collaboration!” - Audience Feedback

Juneau Projects
Return to Happy Redoubt

19th May - 19th July 2016

This is Public Space is a new series of web commissions curated by UP Projects. It began with the first commission by Juneau Projects, Return to Happy Redoubt. The commission was hosted ...

Hefin Jones
Live Research

January 2016 – June 2016

UP Projects in partnership with Queen Mary University London commissioned designer Hefin Jones and Dr Tarek Virani from Creativeworks London’s Place Work Knowledge Research Strand to interrogate what community means to ...

The Floating Cinema

August – September 2015

In 2015 the Floating Cinema's London programme, journeyed beyond earth to explore our relationship with outer space; from imagined alternative worlds and the race for space travel to alien invasions

The Floating Cinema
On Tour

June – August 2015

Following a hugely successful three years in London, the Floating Cinema made its first voyage outside the capital on a tour across South West England during the summer of 2015. ...

Working with artists Lucy McRae and Janneke Verhoeven, a group of students from St Pauls Way Trust explored the body and identity in space. 

Yann Seznec joined the Floating Cinema on Tour as artist-in-residence, travelling the 5-week journey from London to Bristol to create a floating library of sounds, including those forgotten from the canal's ...

Lucy Cash
Nine Songs for Nine Elms

February 2015 - 1st October 2016


Repeat to Flourish

June - August 2015

Following the route of the 2015 Floating Cinema tour between Bristol and London this newly commissioned film takes a journey through archive and amateur film meticulously sourced from along this ...

As part of the development for a future project within Southwark, UP Projects collaborated with artist collective The People Speak to ask the residents of Peckham to pull up a ...

Artist Laura X Carle hosted a creative consultation event which transformed Ilford, as she built an alternative park, piece-by-piece, in Ilford Town Centre.

Leah Lovett
Contra Band

June - September 2014

Contra Band brought together musicians and audiences from Brazil and the UK for an experimental live performance of songs censored in both countries between 1964-1985. These dates mark the duration of ...

Guerilla Science
Biofuel Pioneers

June - September 2014

Year seven pupils from St Paul’s Way Trust School worked with arts and science collective Guerilla Science over the course of six weeks to explore how sustainable energy can be ...

The Floating Cinema 2014 presented a summer programme of events devised by artist duo Somewhere (Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie). This unique canal boat, journeyed from east to west London, hosting on-board ...

Rebecca Beinart undertook a three month residency working in Sue Godfrey Nature Park, which culminated in a mobile sculpture “Bureau of Urban Wilds”.

Secret Garden Project Lewisham

July 2013 – May 2015

The Rivers Pool and Ravensbourne naturally define Lewisham’s parklands as they windtheir way across the borough, fed by the River Thames in the North and meandering to Lower Sydenham and ...

Happy Redoubt is the last outpost of a post-apocalyptic world in the wake of a technological meltdown. Audiences who visited the interactive encampment and events created and traded artefacts, gaining ...

Mystery River, a short film created by Michael Smith, explores ‘the half-forgotten river at the birth and the heart of England's great metropolis’. 

In 2013, UP Projects, Somewhere and BRITDOC launched an international Short Doc competition to find an emerging filmmaker to create a work to be premiered at the launch of The ...

A special Live Art commission by artist Tim Bromage, developed in collaboration with Live Art Development Agency.

Tracy & Hobbs

September 2013

Inspired by the 1931 ‘Secrets of Nature’ film of the same name, artists Tracy & Hobbs , in collaboration with Cambridge University scientist, Professor Malcolm Burrows and sound artist Tim ...

The Floating Cinema

July - September 2013

Building on the resounding success of the Floating Cinema 2011, UP Projects launched a brand new Floating Cinema at the end of July 2013. Designed by Duggan Morris Architects and ...

Park Art in Haringey

June – September 2012

PARK ART in Haringey was created as part of the borough’s cultural Olympiad offer for 2012.

Jacques Nimki
Common Knowledge

March 2012 – October 2013

Common Knowledge was an 18 month project by Jacques Nimki based on Tooting Bec Common, which responded to the parkland’s ecological significance and cultural history through a series of workshops, ...

Terminus Treats

April – September 2012

Terminus Treats was a programme of creative interventions, installations and performative interactions for Kings Cross, St Pancras and Euston which combated the chaos of peak travel times during the London ...

Situated on a beach in Tapapakanga Regional Park, UP Projects collaborated with Splore Festival to commission and programme an intriguing temporary pavilion for the three day festival, based in New ...

Markus Vater
SGP Artist in Residence

November 2011 - April 2012

Keeping the Secret Garden Project growing over the winter months, Markus Vater created a new contemporary folklore for the London, as our second Secret Garden Project artist in residence. 

A film installation and performance telling the story of ‘The Docklands Bell’; commissioned for The Floating Cinema 2011 in the heart of Canary Wharf. 

Barging Through London (Again) shows Harry Parkinson’s rare original film (made as part of the ‘Wonderful London’ series in 1924) side-by-side with Somewhere’s 2011 shot-for-shot remake. 

UP Projects commissioned Michael Smith to create his directorial debut, to be screened on-board The Floating Cinema during a tour into the, as then, unopened Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 

The Floating Cinema 2011

June – August 2011

The Floating Cinema was an extraordinary customised narrow boat developed by artists Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie (known collectively as Somewhere), and designed by Hackney based architects Studio Weave, which ...

Serena Korda
Laid to Rest

October 2010 - September 2011

Dust is everywhere, it is part of us and the smallest of visible particles. Laid to Rest by Serena Korda transformed dust collected from houses, businesses and institutions into 500 ...

Contemporary Art at Festivals

April 2011 - July 2012

Working in partnership with the Shangri-La Glastonbury Festival team, over the summer of 2010-2012, UP Projects commissioned a series of contemporary art installations which toured UK music festivals. 

The Mobile Picnic Pavilion by Francis Thorburn was a portable vegetable garden that travelled around Islington's streets and parks, pulled by a merry band of performing gardeners. 

Secret Garden Project

May 2010 – July 2015

Secret Garden Project is a programme of temporary commissions and pop up art events by young and established artists that creates a trail of London's secret gardens, lesser known green ...

Rosy the Ballerina

January 2010 - June 2012

ROSY (the ballerina)  by Raumlabor is a mobile, bubble-shaped pavilion that toured London, transforming over fifteen parks and public spaces and playing host to a dynamic programme of events by ...


November 2009

Art in Burgess Park

October 2009


September 2009

Over five days, Urbanism 09, led by Liverpool Biennial, presented the outcome of over six months of environmental interventions, projects and imaginative approaches by artists, architects, urbanists and residents to ...


June 2009

Following the success ofStreetlight,M-O-T-H developed Plinth; a live audio visual trail that explored the architecture of the De La Warr Pavilion.

Art in Campbell Park

January 2009


December 2008

A multimedia treasure-trail street performance starting in Ladbroke Grove by M-O-T-H: Ed Firth and Shaun O'Connor (featuring Holly Gramazio of Sandpit).  The Streelight event brought together wireless, wearable video graffiti ...

The Smallest Cinema in the World –For the Wealthy and the Goodwas designed in a collaboration between Annika Eriksson, Hopkins Architects and Expedition Engineers.  On wheels, the six seat cinema was towed ...

Margot Bannerman
Bee Stop

July 2010 – ongoing

Bee Stop, Holloway Road, Archway, explores alternative methods of growing within urban sites. Working alongside Aldingbourne Nurseries, Margot Bannerman’s mini meadow contains a variety of nectar-rich wild-flowers and plants that would be beneficial to the increasingly threatened bee population. 

Harry Meadley
On the Bench

January - August 2017

Commissioned for the The Floating Cinema’s 2017 tour, On the Bench is eight films featuring interviews with residents in South and East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. Each individual articulate what motivates them to keep pursing their chosen field. 

Hefin Jones
Live Research

January 2016 – June 2016

UP Projects in partnership with Queen Mary University London commissioned designer Hefin Jones and Dr Tarek Virani from Creativeworks London’s Place Work Knowledge Research Strand to interrogate what community means to ...

Dan Graham
Triangular Pavilion

June - October 2008

Monika Sosnowska
The Wind House

July - October 2008

Your Words in My Mouth | My Voice on Your Tongue by Ghislaine Leung is a project with Zubayr Abdullah, Moriom Begum, Sumaiya Choudhury, Jenna Islam, Khadra Jama, Kaazim Pasha, Sadiyah Rahman and Sumaiyyah Tasneem, St. Paul’s Way Trust School.

Constant Dullaart
Phantom Love

11th October – 11th December 2017

Phantom Love is a disappearing army of artificially construed identities, delivering poems written by Dullaart and others, as comments to Instagram images. 


June 2008 - June 2012

Portavilion created a trail of temporary structures through Central London’s parks. Four artists were invited to develop and produce their own “pavilion” designed for a specific park environment as a ...

The Way Forward

September 2007

As part of a wider Art at the Centre scheme that supported the area of regeneration through culture, Superconductor 160607 by Gaia Alessi &  Richard Bradbury, was a bold and ...

Trip the Light Fantastic

February - April 2006

The ubiquitous yet elusive qualities of light have always been a constant fascination to artists. This exhibition brought together five British artists; Katy Dove, Illustrious Company: Martyn Ware & Pip Rhodes, Martin Richman and Kate Owens who, through ...

Imagine a World

November - December 2005

UP Projects curated ann exhibition of new and established contemporary artists for Amnesty International as part of their Stop Violence Against Women Campaign.

The Other Flower Show

May - July 2004

The V&A's garden was transformed by ten garden shed installations by contemporary artists.  Providing an artistic alternative to the Chelsea Flower Show and taking place in the Year of Gardening ...

Brand New and Retro

February - March 2004


September 2002

Opening its doors for 48 hours only, Shine transformed this extraordinary building and allow the public unique access ahead of the renovations, which has seen St Pancras Chambers reinstated as ...