Terminus Treats was a programme of creative interventions, installations and performative interactions for Kings Cross, St Pancras and Euston which combated the chaos of peak travel times during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Interactive theatre group Bread and Goose developed a series of fun, intriguing and interactive performances created specifically for people queuing at St Pancras Station for the train which took visitors directly to the Olympic Park. Rooted in the local history of the area, the performances created a web of humorous and enjoyable stories based around characters such as Queen Boudicca and John Betjeman.

Inspired by teach-yourself-to-dance floor mats, Stans Café traced the footsteps of Olympic gold medallists from 1908 to 2008 in a series of vibrant pavement based interactive installations. Goldern Steps told the unique stories of athletic achievements by Olympians and Paralympians from all over the world and challenging audiences to see just how well they would do if pitted against such professionals.

Golden Steps was animated by choreographer Rosie Heafford, to create moments of captivating dance interventions, which encourage and inspire visitors to create their own response.

In collaboration with REG Design, we also developed a Terminus Treats App which hosted live Olympic information, related links and games as an interactive digital resource for visitors. 

Terminus Treats was commissioned by London Borough of Camden, and delivered partnership with Network Rail, London Borough of Camden and St. Pancras International.