A multimedia treasure-trail street performance starting in Ladbroke Grove by M-O-T-H: Ed Firth and Shaun O'Connor (featuring Holly Gramazio of Sandpit).  The Streelight event brought together wireless, wearable video graffiti with a story-telling treasure trail.

A trail of projected animations designed and performed by video artists M-O-T-H, led visitors around the streets of North Kensington starting at Ladbroke Grove tube Station and ending at the Trellick Tower in Golborne Road presenting a curious, luminous treasure trail combining storytelling, performance and guerrilla style video projects.
M-O-T-H's trail of visual clues, moving images and animations offered an alternative portrait of the area based on true stories and anecdotes told by local residents.  At key points along the route, hidden stories were revealed and read aloud.  Borrowing from the tropes and techniques of the street graffiti,  artist’s  M-O-T-H illuminated overlooked corners of the city through silent video and animation.
Streetlight was supported by the Royal Borough of KensigntonKensington and Chelsea, Archos and Yuasa