PARK ART in Haringey was created as part of the borough’s cultural Olympiad offer for 2012.

For Bruce Castle Park we commissioned Ben Long to create Lion Scaffolding Sculpture, a nine-metre tall classical lion on a plinth that was built from builder’s scaffolding poles. This monumental sculpture, created for the front lawn of Bruce Castle Museum, referenced the traditional archetype of the regal lion commonly found in the grounds of stately homes, but also the heraldic emblem of Robert the Bruce, therefore reflecting on the heritage of the building.

Build in situ over four weeks, the fabrication became a durational performance, highlighting the role that work and labour play in the development of any artistic or creative pursuit.

For the Hawk Tower, in the grounds of Bruce Castle Museum, we commissioned Martin Richman to create Free as a Birda light and sound installation. This was developed in collaboration with sound artist and musician Charlie Kerr. The work responded to the unique characteristics of the Hawk Tower and its Tudor heritage.

Richman was drawn to the circular form of the tower, and created a bespoke, hanging reflective sculpture made from dichroic acrylic that filled the cylindrical interior, animating it with floating areas of colour and light. The work aimed to transcend space and time, evoking a sense of silent flight that nodded to the original purpose of the building which was to house of hawks. The soundscape created by Charlie Kerr gave a fractured, contemporary twist to a Tudor melody, reworking it for a modern urban context.

PARK ART in Haringey was commissioned in partnership with Haringey Council and funded by Arts Council England.