Artist Laura X Carle hosted a creative consultation event which transformed Ilford, as she built an alternative park, piece-by-piece, in Ilford Town Centre.

Each of the large scale, turfed puzzle pieces were on wheels, enabling audiences to build, break and reconfigure a greener space for the town centre.  This alternative landscape evolved over the course of the day, creating a framework in which to reinterpret and re-imagine a familiar space.

Throughout the event, visitors were asked to share what Ilford meant to them; exploring the notion of civic pride, and providing a gauge for aspirations for the locale and investigating knowledge of their local heritage amongst the community. Participants were encouraged to write or draw responses, which were then hung to create a visual representation.

Flat Pack Park was commission in partnerships with Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure, as part of Ilford This Way and the Chelsea Fringe Festival 2014.