Floating Cinema 2014

This summer the Floating Cinema's London programme, is set to journey beyond earth, to explore our relationship with outer space; from imagined alternative worlds and the historical race for space travel to alien invasion! 

On board talk: artist Shezad Dawood in conversation with Charles Quick

Shezad Dawood (b. London 1974), is an artist/film-maker, who looks at the compiling, layering  and editing of multiple narratives across his films, paintings and sculptural works, allowing space for research and collaboration. Key themes in his work include performing cinema, the (an-)archive, and an inquiry into modes of perception and how they move across the spectrum of the alchemical and the digital, figuration and abstraction and what it means to make images and texts at this moment in time.

Ticket: £5.00 / cons

Open air performance by Grumbling Fur

In the music of Grumbling Fur Daniel O'Sullivan and Alexander Tucker conjure beyond the boundaries of electronic pop and unworldly, psychedelic privet hedge suburban folk. This fearless yet welcoming bravery has led to collaborations with Charlemagne Palestine and Mark Titcner and praise from such diverse places as the Wire magazine, Q (who proclaimed their 2014 LP Preternaturals to be in the top 40 of the year, above U2) and the Sunday Times, who described them as both "sinister" and "one of the best new electronic bands in the UK".

Open air film screening: Piercing Brightness (Dir. Shezad Dawood, 2013, 12, 77mins)

‘Piercing Brightness’ is an experimental science-fiction feature film that looks at the shifting cultural / ethnic make-up of present day Lancashire. The film looks to play on the border between narrative and experimental filmmaking using the materiality of film itself to reflect on time, memory, race and political agency. It works between different formats and refilmed ‘film’ to produce a palette of light and colour effects to tell a story through both narrative and implication/time distortion, while at the same time looking at the history of experimental film effects used in mainstream popular science- fiction such as Close Encounters.

Free. Booking essential

Venue and Booking Info

Floating Cinema Open Air Weekender:
Others on Earth Day 1
Fri 21 Aug 2015, 7.30pm
Booking essential

Riverside Green
Three Mills Lane
London E3 3DU