Workshops with artist Heather Barnett on board The Floating Cinema. Get hands on with slime mould, an intelligent life form intriguing scientists throughout the world with its impressive capacity to make decisions, solve problems and learn from its environment. Discover the mysterious behaviours of this beautiful brainless blob and take home an unusual pet.

Heather Barnett is a British artist with an international reputation for innovative interdisciplinary work involving scientists, artists, participants and organisms. Working with imaging technologies, photography, and installation, projects have included microbial portraiture, cellular wallpapers, performing cuttlefish and an on-going ‘collaboration’ with the intelligent slime mould, Physarum polycephalum.

Venue and Booking Info

The Floating Cinema
Everyday Aliens: Workshop
Sun 30 Aug 2015, 3–6.30pm
£6.5  £5   Booking essential

Andrews Road
By Broadway Market
E8 4QJ