December 2008

A multimedia treasure-trail street performance starting in Ladbroke Grove by M-O-T-H: Ed Firth and Shaun O'Connor (featuring Holly Gramazio of Sandpit).  The Streelight event brought together wireless, wearable video graffiti ...

The Smallest Cinema in the World –For the Wealthy and the Goodwas designed in a collaboration between Annika Eriksson, Hopkins Architects and Expedition Engineers.  On wheels, the six seat cinema was towed ...

Monika Sosnowska
The Wind House

July - October 2008

Dan Graham
Triangular Pavilion

June - October 2008

The Way Forward

September 2007

As part of a wider Art at the Centre scheme that supported the area of regeneration through culture, Superconductor 160607 by Gaia Alessi &  Richard Bradbury, was a bold and ...

Trip the Light Fantastic

February - April 2006

The ubiquitous yet elusive qualities of light have always been a constant fascination to artists. This exhibition brought together five British artists; Katy Dove, Illustrious Company: Martyn Ware & Pip Rhodes, Martin Richman and Kate Owens who, through ...