UP Projects curates, commissions and produces contemporary art that explores heritage, identity and place, engaging citizens of London, the UK and across the globe. We believe that art can empower communities and enrich the public sphere. We work with artists to extend their practice, challenge convention and make space for discussion. We believe in working collaboratively with others to do this.

Based in London, we are interested in exploring the city’s global position, its relationship to the rest of the world and how to live and work within, as well as outside of, a place that throws up both opportunities and challenges for its people.

Since 2002, UP Projects has provided ambitious opportunities for artists to produce inspiring new work for public spaces ranging from parks, green spaces and waterways to civic squares, urban developments and areas of regeneration. We are committed to developing creative ways to transform communities and empower people to access their cultural entitlement through participatory interventions, educational programmes and inclusive events.

Our work is underpinned by our belief in three core values; that artists should be given the freedom, resources and support necessary to be able achieve the most ambitious and best work that they can for new and unexpected contexts; that the broadest possible audience, regardless of geography, age or background should have the opportunity to experience and participate in high quality contemporary art; and that artists’ interventions, whether permanent or ephemeral, should be responsive and sensitive to the places that we work within and of significant value to the communities we partner with, leaving a positive and memorable legacy.

These values, backed up by our extensive knowledge of and contribution to policy, our live research, our creative approach to community consultation and engagement, and our extensive commissioning experience also inform the cultural strategies and project delivery that we undertake on the behalf of a broad range of clients and partners.

Since 2012, UP Projects has been the only public art organisation in London to be awarded National Portfolio funding from the Arts Council England.